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It’s that time again – you’re job hunting. You’re looking for something bigger, better, and more exciting. You want to move up the ladder, and you want to make sure the world knows what you’ve been up to so that you land that dream job. How do you do it? A resume, in this case, is the first hurdle and often the most difficult one.

Recruiters and HR professionals see hundreds, if not thousands of resumes a day. So, how do you make sure you design a cool resume and land that interview?

Why we think Resumes and Professional Profiles are passé?

You need to stand out from the crowd, make your mark, and show your future employers just how cool you are. Just having a basic resume is no longer enough. In fact, it isn’t even enough to have a unique one. Graphic design? It’s been done. Fancy fonts? That’s so old and unattractive. Colours? That just looks childish. How do you take a simple sheet of paper and give it an edge, when everything is already being done?

The easiest way to stay ahead of the curve is to use technology to help you out. With the advent of the internet, online resumes have become increasingly popular. Having an online professional profile makes it easier for people to find you and find information about you.

What if you could take that and kick it up a notch? What if you could not only build a resume online but make it a conversational resume? By using emerging AI-technology, not only will you ensure that you and your professional profile stand out, but you will also make things a whole lot easier for yourself and your future employer.

Why should you use a chat bot to create a resume?

For starters, the point of a great resume is to stand out and be remembered. Having a unique conversational interface a.k.a a chat bot instead of a plain paper is a great way to ensure that you make an impression on your recruiter.

Another problem with a traditional professional profile is that it has to be modified according to each job you apply for. Add to that, custom-made cover letters for each job application. With a conversation, however the person on the other end can ask you the questions they want answers to and only get relevant answers. No need to wade through reams of unnecessary text.

Resumes can be notoriously difficult to execute well. What font do you choose? How do you present your skills without sounding pompous or disconnected? How do you make a resume that gets noticed? A chat bot is the best way to create and present a resume for free, especially on a platform like Bottr. All you have to do is feed in your info in the form of questions and answers and the platform takes care of the rest.

Let’s not forget – compared to a sheet or two or paper, a website offers a great platform to showcase your skills with photos, videos, text and sound. It’s a way to show off the best parts of who you are without overwhelming the person looking at you. And imagine being able to do that selectively. Imagine an employer asking to see the cake you last made and a chat bot just like Bottr showing it to him immediately!


All of this is great – but why would you want a bot and not an old-school professional profile or an online website? If you’re still not convinced, here’s a couple of more reasons why we think chat bots will take over online resumes, blogs, websites, landing pages and apps.

Websites are commonplace now – it’s so easy to get one. If the idea is to stand out, what better way than to use something that’s new, fresh, and interactive? A chat bot can be just as easy to build if you have the right platform, it’s a unique voice, it’s a great way to stand out, and probably the best reason of all – it shows everyone who you are, in your own words, with your own voice. Learn more about how chat bots can be used in businesses, science, entertainment, news, fashion, health, sports, healthcare– you name it!

What more do you need? Chat bots are the future – all you need is to go out and create your own.