“Change is difficult not changing is fatal” — William Pollard

If you’re reading this you must have a rebel inside you – a burning desire to free yourself from the mundane, complex and archaic way of living.

A lifestyle in which you’re tied to false beliefs for most part of your day, pursuing something without even an iota of interest or passion, following instructions from others about things you really don’t want to do, bouncing off from one app or page to the other in order to get things done, mindlessly browsing and posting on your feeds to kill boredom & loneliness and just playing along with everyone else for the sake of it.

Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

The good news is that you’re not alone and it won’t be long before everyone else also joins you.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Together we can change all this.

What if you were given an opportunity to join and build a world where you could pursue what you want, how you want and when you want.

Think of a borderless digital country built on a common – and shared — foundation where you are your own boss, free of any preconceptions.

For ages we have followed acceptable but now archaic social and capitalist models leading to creation of many siloed networks and monopolies that are underpinned by centralized power and hoarding of incentives.

Proliferation of these applications and interfaces has not only increased noise and complexity to get things done but also limited transparency, wealth creation and power distribution among the network participants thereby amplifying the social divide and keeping our dream of self-sovereignty out of our reach.

We spend many hours on these platforms making valuable contributions while companies running them monetize our time, activities and attention.

What the world needs now is “social capitalism” where everyone has an opportunity to be a solopreneur on top of a unified social platform and framework that they help build and grow.

A flat social economy where connections, knowledge and services are easily accessible and everyone gets incentivized according to their contributions and value addition to the whole ecosystem while maintaining self-governance.

And this is precisely what we at Bottr want to achieve — our mission is to simplify the way world works and build a network-owned meritocratic digital economy through a unified platform that facilitates direct p2p connections, organizes skills and services better, fairly incentivizes value creation and gives power back to the people.

One look through all the noisy interfaces we’re used to for our day to day tasks and activities and it becomes clearly evident that we simply seek right human connection to get answers, recommendations, opinions, advice or services — we read blogs written by people, access services provided by people, buy products based on reviews by people.

This has been societal nature since the dawn of humanity and remains very true till date.

Bottr is a next generation social economy powered by smart messaging that makes life simple and rewards you for doing what you love. Your personal chat bot not only connects you with anyone and allows you to manage things that matter — from one place — but also lets you earn for your time and valuable social contributions.

Bottr’s platform is essentially built on four fundamental pillars:

  • a personal AI powered identity for connection and communication (chat bot)
  • a cryptocurrency to put value on output and act as a medium of exchange (Botcoin)
  • a social reputation measure for trust and governance (Botscore), and
  • a transparent and secure blockchain based infrastructure layer (Botchain).

With Bottr our vision is to build a smart platform that can power all kinds of information and services in one place and replace redundant interfaces and intermediaries while building a ‘sovereign individual’ economy, which as many believe is the future of work.

We envisage a future in which there’s no more monotonous learning and working, no more control and incentives in the hands of a chosen few, no more juggling with multiple interfaces to get things done, no more wasting time sifting through loads of information and data.

We have been working on this project for over a year and have not only built a great application which people already use but also organically grown the network to ~15k+ bots, processed ~5m+ messages and carried out ~$150k worth of potential economic activity so far with ~30m+ Botcoins already in circulation.

The network is already used by people from all walks of life — from influencers to professionals to small businesses — and has established meaningful connections creating many knowledge sharing and earning opportunities.

Platform’s currency Botcoin is based on “time is money” principle.

All of us spend overwhelming amount of our time and skills — both quantifiably scarce resources — across various social media activities but so far there was no way to monetize this value created due to lack of intent from the existing companies and availability of a robust micro-transaction method. Botcoin is meant to put a price on these contributions.

Botcoins are currently used on the Bottr platform to reward the person who’s providing value in various ways e.g. responding to messages, receiving tips on replies, creating premium content etc. In the upcoming releases, coins will gain more and more utility as we allow people to buy and sell offerings in the form of products, services and micro tasks.

In addition, Botcoin will become the universal token as we release more protocols and nurture the developer marketplace to allow external participants to build applications and plugins on top of the platform.

As the supply is finite (1 billion coins), with growth of network and contributions coins are also expected to gain more and more utility value in the Bottr economy. In true meritocratic and transparent way, coins will be introduced/mined into the system and earned depending on how much value each participant is adding to the economy.

For the first time ever with Bottr’s smart socio-economic approach we intend to design a system where more objective and fair measures are used to validate someone’s credibility and commitment to the broader society.

Botscore, as a measure of anyone’s social reputation — based on smart assessment of many factors — will be used for many purposes such as governance and commerce.

Using advanced distributed ledger, storage and EPKE (Enveloped Public-Key Encryption) techniques Botchain aims to create a hybrid blockchain solution to ensure speed, privacy, immutability and trust.

We have already rolled out a hybrid blockchain based ledger as a proof of concept for transparency of Botcoin transactions.

We have a clear vision for the next couple of years and beyond in terms of platform development, network growth, governance and coins distribution. We intend to work with everyone — from individuals to government bodies — in the ecosystem to ensure all stakeholders understand this new socio-economic paradigm and are fully behind this initiative.

With improvements and stability in blockchain technologies and governance frameworks, we expect ongoing development and decision making of the platform to also gradually shift from the current structure to our decentralized fully functioning network itself.

The way we live and work today will fundamentally change in the next 5 years. Want to be a part of this revolution? Do join us in building the future at Bottr!