Fans are always looking for ways to talk to the celebrities they look up to. First there were talk shows with dedicated Q&A segments, then came Facebook fan pages and Twitter, Instagram and AMA sessions soon followed suit and now, there are Chatbots!

Chatbots bring famous celebrities who were earlier way out of reach and their fans closer than ever before. Thanks to AI, bots allow celebrities to automate chats with fans, engage them in a way that wasn’t possible in the past.

Here on our platform itself, we’ve seen thousands of fans across the globe returning to our platform just to talk to their favorite celebrities. Check out our most popular celebri-bots, to start chatting with them. No pressure, take your pick.

1. Kim Kardashian Bot


Unsurprisingly, one of the top 3 celebrity chatbots on Bottr, Kim Kardashian’s bot gets bombarded with a ton of questions and fan messages on a daily basis.

From her infamous sex tape to Keeping up with the Kardashians, her mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood to her countless photoshoots, Kim Bot answers all fan Q&A with her innate attitude. Oh and don’t even get her started on her paparazzi attracting love life!

“When and how did Kim and Kanye start dating?”

“How to do make-up like Kim Kardashian?”

“What does Kim eat everyday?”

Kim Kardashian’s chat bot does not hesitate to share details with her ever-growing fan base, she answers all of this and much more like the diva that she is.  

2. Donald Trump Bot

Chat with Donald Trump Bot


He’s controversial. He’s offensive. He raises eyebrows. He’s ideal material for a chatbot!?

With the US elections and Donald Trump being on top of Google searches this year, it goes without saying that people across the globe have questions for him and they want answers, now!

Trump’s chatbot however is as blunt and baffling as the real man, does not think it’s important to justify his actions or words. With a signature “haters gonna hate,” Trump’s bot brags about his wealth, hotels, casinos and wives!

3.Justin Beiber Bot

“Is Justin Beiber still dating Selena Gomez?”

“What shoes does Beiber like to wear?”

“Will Justin Beiber be my boyfriend?”

Chat-with-Justin-Beiber_Online     Talk-to-favorite-celebrity-online

In keeping with the gossip and drama that surrounds Beiber’s real life, Justin Beiber’s chatbot answers questions about his career in music, acknowledges his fans affections, shares his latest YouTube videos and tells them about what he liked and doesn’t. Plus Justin Bot always finds witty innovative ways to ask his followers to not come over to his house.

If you’re a Belieber, this bot will definitely make you feel like you’re one step closer to the real celebrity.

4.Steve Jobs Bot

Much like the real man, Steve Jobs’ bot blurts the truth out. An ingenious way of keeping his legacy alive, Jobs’ chatbot talks mainly about his work and life at Apple with quite  a few personal details here and there.

Speak_to_Steve_Jobs_Chat_Bot   talk-to-Jobs-online

Try asking Jobs, “Why did you quit Apple?” and he’ll frankly respond, In 1985, because of differences of opinion, the Board of Directors restricted my duties and I ended up having almost no decision-making power, so I quit.”

5.Selena Bot

With a whooping following of 119 million on Instagram, Selena Gomez chatbot just had to exist to keep her overwhelming fan base happy. A chat with Selena is sometimes the only thing her die-hard fans are missing with each spending 15 minutes on an average talking to her.

“Does Selena Gomez have a new boyfriend?”

“Does she write her own songs?”

“What does Selena like to do on weekends?”

Selena’s bot mimics her personality and interacts with her fans like the bubbly pop star that she is. Instead of being secretive like Beiber or forthright like Trump, Selena motivates her fans and speaks about how she feels about the milestones in her professional and personal life.

6.Mahatma Gandhi Bot


Odd one out on the list, Gandhi might not be a celebrity in the true sense of the word but he’s definitely celebrated.

Gandhi Bot created mainly with the purpose of being informational and educating the masses about the 200 year struggle for the Independence of India, it responds to questions related to the history of both the world and India.
You want to know facts about Gandhi, how he became the Father of a Nation, the non-violence movement, his last days, talk to his chatbot to know it all.

To conclude:

Bots have come a long way since the days of Eliza and SmarterChild and still have a long way to go to truly augment and think like us. That being said, celebrity chatbots are doing surprisingly well. For fans, they present a case of ‘something’s better than nothing’ and make them feel closer to the celebrities that they look up to.