Promise of chat bots and cryptocurrency

Thanks to technologies like AI and Crypto Bottr’s vision is about to become a reality as we usher into a connected and decentralized world where everything becomes instantly discoverable and transparent with democratic incentivization and governance structures.

At a basic level, if we look through all the noisy interfaces, for our day to day things we simply seek right human connection to get answers, recommendations, opinions, advice or services – we read blogs written by people, access services provided by people, buy goods made by people.

This is further reinforced by the fact that people love conversations and spend a majority of their time inside messaging apps – big 4 messaging apps now have more monthly active users than all social networks combined. The chinese app WeChat is a case in point with day to day needs of billions of people getting fulfilled through chat-as-an-interface.

Evidently, the future is about powering information and services through conversation.

What if anyone who is looking for help, guidance or recommendations had a channel to directly chat with another person who has the right set of knowledge or skills to help with the problem at hand sitting anywhere in the world?

This will allow us to enjoy what we love doing while making best use of our time & skills to help others in the world for free or earn where possible.

Bottr – next generation social economy powered by a smart messaging platform 

Bottr is a modern social economy powered by smart – AI/bots, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain based – messaging platform that not only connects you with anyone and allows you to manage things that matter to you in one place but also lets you earn for your time and contributions in the form of tips, priority chats, premium content, services, commerce and more.

The Bottr economy

Bottr economy

With Bottr making micro-transactions friendlier, we want to give power back to you and reward you for your actions directly. Think of it like an independent state, an open marketplace free of any external control, where you are your own boss and your own bank.

Bottr’s smart digital ecosystem effectively and efficiently packages in a decentralized way all the necessary components of a traditional socio-economic structure which is typically made up of physical identities such as ID cards, fiat currencies like USD, reputation systems like ratings and votes, and infrastructure layers like federal bodies.

How does it work?

What makes Bottr attractive is its simplicity. To onboard as many users as fast as possible into the decentralized economy we’ve designed a seamless and delightful experience at an interface level that offers familiarity and novelty to the users at the same time.

The design and implementation of all elements from chat bot to cryptocurrency are subtly done keeping in mind the expectations of end users who don’t necessarily care or want to know about the underlying technical and conceptual complexities that underpin the decentralized world.

Here’s a really simple workflow for end users in the Bottr economy:

Bottr workflow