Why the world needs Chat bots, now! 

In a world full of noise and chaos, our lives revolve around being stressed to get things done. From checking various social feeds to replying to that important message to placing an order for dinner to finding a logo designer to buying a new dress to consulting a maths teacher for an assignment.

World’s full of cluttered services, information and experiences making it excruciatingly painful and inefficient to get what you want, when you want and how you want. Every task or action is full of various decision trees, creating anxiety and inefficiency at each step.

The internet & smartphone revolution has given us incredible powers. Yet, it has undoubtedly made our lives more complex as we navigate through the endless landscape of interconnected dots on the web.

This has to fundamentally change– or more specifically simplified. 

Enter conversational commerce

Imagine a world in where humans talk to robots and machines!

Chat Bot-Talking-to-robots

No, we are not making Star Wars or Iron Man references, this is reality and it’s here now.

At a very basic level, our lives are pretty much centered around communications with other people and businesses to get anything done. That’s a primary form of interaction all of us are most comfortable with as evidenced by the rise of messaging apps and platforms. No learning curve. No advanced skills. Just plain and simple conversation.

Moreover, advancement in natural language processing and machine learning have made various types of conversations smarter and more scalable.

That begs the question – Why can’t there be a unified smart conversational interface or conversational commerce platform which can provide all kinds of information and services? Why can’t we automate everything we want via interactive and helpful chat bots?!

Ambitious but possible! And that’s exactly what we’re trying to achieve at Bottr.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chat bot identities

We want to simplify the way people do things or get things done by building a unified AI powered conversational commerce interface or simply put, a chat bot that allows anything and everything (i.e. information and services) about everyone to be converted into a chat with their unique AI robots or bots.

With a real-time chatbot platform, the possibilities,use cases and advantages are endless – from checking someone’s work history to finding a logo designer to ordering pizza from that local store to taking to a customer support executive – pretty much everything can be supported seamlessly through artificial intelligence based chats and bots. You can even train your chat bot to automate your daily tasks such reminders, alarms, postings, quotes, news etc.

And that’s why we believe will be the future of web and chat bots will replace apps and websites.

The future: Chat bots for anyone, anywhere

We envisage a future in which to get things done there’s no more juggling with multiple apps, no more wasting time sifting through loads of information and data, no more asking around to find right professionals or tools, no more monotonous learning and working – just get what you want, when you want by talking to a friendly AI based chatbot.

With chatbots simplifying our everyday lives, we will be able to do what we love doing – spend more time with family and friends, go out more, travel, learn something new or just sit back and relax.

The future is here, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t jump in too. Try it for yourself, build your own chat bot on bottr now!