A complete guide to getting started with building and using personal chat bots on Bottr.

What are Chat Bots and What can they do for you?

Chat bots are a bit like your personal chat profiles on any other messaging app where you can invite and chat with your friends, followers, colleagues, customers or anyone else for that matter.

However what really differentiates chat bots on Bottr is their ability to be used for just about anything (see use cases below) by letting you create reusable smart content/replies while chatting. As a conversational digital avatar it can then represent you and your information to the world 24×7.

After creating your bot there are a number of ways you can share it with your audience from your social bios, feeds and email signatures to embedding as a widget on your site.

Once your bot starts getting chat requests and you answer them, you will be able to just tap and save any message as smart reply into your bot.

With improvements in our underlying AI/NLP engine we intend to make the bot smarter over time so it can automatically take care of many things such as answering similar questions, understanding conversation context, offering better recommendations and much more.

A chatbot you make for yourself however could do what you train it to and simplify your daily life with smart conversations. Here are a few ways you get started with using them:

  • Blogs/Landing Pages: Make your blog stand out with a friendly, informative chat bot. A powerful alternative to traditional blogging, bots combine rich content and conversation to provide a genuinely engaging experience for visitors.Insert URLs to your articles and the bot will make you engaging content cards, automagically.
  • Social Feeds: Create a bot to take care of your social media presence. Replace cluttered feeds on multiple social platforms with one bot.
  • FAQs/AMAs: Chatbots evolve. They can learn from existing data to answer questions on your behalf. Automating an FAQ list or hosting AMA sessions is that much easier with a bot. Learn how and why.
  • Storefront: Get a bot to be your virtual sales assistant. A storefront bot can ask visiting potential customers friendly questions, analyse the answers to provide relevant product suggestions and guide them through the sale.

Why use a Chatbot in the first place?

  • Save time: Your bot auto-magically learns about you from your site, blog, social feeds etc. and responds to messages on your behalf in an interactive way anywhere on the web.
  • Improve engagement: Create engaging micro articles and blogs for your audience and share with the world in a click. Your audience can know you better and discover content by simply chatting with your bot. Let conversation take engagement beyond mere clicks.
  • Sell more: Showcase your portfolio, services or merchandise in an interactive, personalized manner with bots.

How to create your Chatbot?

Here at bottr, we hate unnecessary, over-complex signups and installations especially when there is a simple way. As a result, bottr.me was born–a straightforward interface that anyone could use anywhere. Creating a chat bot has never been easier.

Oh and the best part? You don’t need to learn or know a single line of code to build your very own bot. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1. Go to https://bottr.me.

Step 2. Once there, select any of the sign-up options under ‘Bring your bot to life’.

Step 3. After you select the social profile of your choice, enter your sign up credentials and authenticate to continue.

Step 4. Voila! You now have an account on Bottr.

How to train your Chatbot?

Your online avatar or chat bot is only as smart as you train it to be. While we humans take years to train in the art of making conversation, bots are quicker learners and can be trained much much more easily.

Here at bottr, we also realize designing conversational trees is not everyone’s cup of tea. Plus, who has the time? Hence, we came with a easy to adopt alternative– what if we could train our bots while chatting with others? Here are the steps you can follow to add smart replies to your bot while chatting with others:

Step 1. To start, go to your Bottr account.

Step 2. Let your bot go out in the world so that it starts receiving chat requests and click on ‘Share your bot‘.  There are a number of ways you can get your bot discovered, from your social bios, feeds and email signatures to embedding as a widget on your site.

Step 3. Once your bot starts getting chat requests and you answer them, you will see a save bookmark tag appear on the messages itself prompting you to save your replies to those particular questions. Click on the bookmark tag, you will see your responses highlighted and ticked. Tick the responses you want to save.

Step 4. Click on ‘Save to your bot‘ to confirm and your smart reply will be added to your bot. Once the smart reply is added, you won’t have to reply to the same messages again, your bot will take care of that for you.

Step 5. Continue doing this for every new or fresh message you receive, this way your bot keeps getting smarter and becoming more consolidated.

Take the training session a step further by customizing your bot to reflect your personality. Besides, a bot always remembers hence whatever you feed into it, it will retain forever. Use that to your advantage by reviewing your interactions and updating responses over time.

How to connect your chat bot and make it smarter?

Your bot is only as smart as you make it. That being said, you don’t need to feed in your information manually to begin with. Add networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, Medium, Wikipedia or basic URLs to allow your bot to get discovered better and recieve more chat requests.

 How to Share your Chat Bot?

Once you’ve got your very own bot up and running, it’s time to let it go out into the world. You can choose to let the world talk to your bot by embedding your bot onto your website/blog, using at as an email signature, putting it up on your social profiles or simply sharing your bot link.

Step 1. Go to your bot name, for example Bottr’s bot is at https://bottr.me/bottr.

Step 2. Click on the Share icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 3. In the dialog box that appears you can choose to share your bot on any of the following–

a. Share on Bio/Email: To share your bot on your online profiles or include it in your email signature, simply copy paste the given link wherever you want people to discover your bot and talk to it.

b. Embed on Website/Blog: Click on ‘Copy Code’ to embed your bot on your personal website or blog. Paste the code snippet in your website’s html code anywhere before the closing body tag. Doing this will place your bot on your landing pages.

c. Share on Social Networks: Select the Social Networks tab to share your bot on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn. Once you do this, your friends and followers can directly chat with your bot from their social feeds.

How to analyse your bot’s interactions?

As your bot learns to talk on your behalf, there’s no saying how busy or chatty it will be.To keep track, check what your bot has been up to under the analytics tab.

Step 1. Click on the pulse icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2. Your bot’s stats dialog box will pop up. This shows the number of views and messages your bot has received.

Step 3. Filter analytics by day, week or month from the drop-down menu for a more specific or broader view of your interactions.


We hope we got you covered on everything you need to know to get started with making your own bot. Go ahead make your own chatbot– we can’t wait to see what you create.