In a sea of authority influencers, how do you build genuine, lasting relationships with your followers and brands?

How do you maintain a consistent online presence, streamline content that will resonate, put social media strategies in place and have simultaneous one-on-one conversations with existing and potential followers?


Chat bots: 4 reasons why Influencers and Bloggers should get one

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to being the black sheep and standing out, getting your voice heard, engaging with fans and followers—personal chat bots work like a charm.

By definition, chat bots are smart, automated digital avatars that are capable of mimicking human-like conversations, learns by talking to you and represent you to the world 24/7.

Use a Bot to Save Time


As William Penn put it, “Time is what we want more, but what we use worst.” No one understand that better than chat bots.

As an influencer, you’re bound to receive countless similar questions and requests on a daily basis. Not to mention, posting regularly, posting uniquely, responding to every loyal follower, and maintaining a brand voice can be real taxing.

What if there was a way to get someone else to do your dirty hard work? Wouldn’t be amazing to have someone take care of all your online efforts as you on your behalf?

Chat bots in this scenario are as efficient and useful as you train them to be. Think of them as a Jarvis to your Tony Stark, only better.

Imagine those pending posts, unanswered comments and messages, 100th request for a sneak peek into your lifestyle, etc. Now imagine all of those pending tasks disappearing into thin air—all thanks to your very own trained chat bot.

Powerful Content Sharing Platform

By default, chat bots support short, concise messages which are easier to both read and write. As an influencer who needs to write and market content, chat bots provide what is by far one of the most effective ways of presenting content—in a conversation.

Gone are the days of conventional blogging and subscriber newsletters, bots are revolutionizing how we digest information. With chatbots comes the power to tailor what you show to which visitor based on their preferences.

A bot can always ask a fan what exactly they are looking for, what they like, what they don’t like and show them relevant information. Any day better than leading them to a bunch of landing pages, won’t you agree?

Creating engaging content and leaving a lasting impression on audiences is that much easier and harder. Harder because there are a zillion webpages, blogs and vlogs out there that are trying to target the same audience that you are. Easier because chat bots. Early adopters have jumped on the chatbot bandwagon, bots are still fresh, dynamic and is a powerful way of sticking in the minds of audiences.

Conversations to boost engagement

This decade might have seen the way we converse with each other change rapidly, what with Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage and SnapChat taking over every handheld device. Conversations have come to form the crux of every fan-engagement goal.

It goes without saying, engaging followers, networking with fellow influencers and building relations with brands lies at the heart of every successful influencer strategy.

Fortunately for us, conversational UI takes influencer marketing to another level by personalizing the whole process.

Conversations are known to work better than any video, blog post, rich media ad or friendly tweet. They are bound to make your fans feel they know you better.

Begin by teaching your bot to talk like you, give it your tone and style of conversation. Focus on being of help to your followers and you should be good to go.

Be Active and Present 24/7

Although every influencer strives for an ubiquitous presence on the internet, given the number of platforms achieving this might be downright absurd.

From Instagram and Facebook, to Twitter and Quora, maintaining a digital identity everywhere and engaging with every loyal fan is a cumbersome task. Needless to say, chat bots emerge as the go-to-guy here.

From including all influencer channels under one roof, your bot is there for your fans at all times—even if you’re not. What this means is that you no longer need to login to countless platforms and tools to check what’s going on with your online identity, nor do you have to share your content on all targeted channels.

What are you waiting for?

Chatbots allow celebrities, influencers and brands to connect with their audiences beyond mere clicks and impressions. While there exist a multitude of bot frameworks like Telegram and Kik, in case coding is not your cup of tea hover over to a platform like ours. Go ahead, create your personal bot.