How do you actually ace in the over-exhausted blogging space without breaking a sweat?

Blogs have been around, and they’ve been around for a while now. With more than 76 million search-optimized blog posts created from scratch every single day, chances are if you’re a blogger you’re knee-deep into finding all kinds of new and improved ways to stand out of the herd.

In this scenario, given the crazy amount of competition and the countless UI/UX hacks, leaving a lasting impression on audiences might be easier said than done. Not to mention, the time and effort that goes into building an online presence, making the most of popular blogging tools and basic visitor pleasing.

Why are Chat Bots better than Blogs?

Staying on top of the blog checklist is sheer madness. How does one create and generate traffic for a new blog? Where do you even start?

How do you pick the best blogging tools for your marketing and outreach efforts?  How does one do all of this and more without burning out under the stress?

This is where personal chat bots emerge as knights in shining armor.

From taking what blogs and blogging tools can do to the next level, conversational bots are efficient, interactive and are here to revolutionize the way we see and digest information.


1.Simplicity and Efficiency

It’s no secret that creating a blog and keeping its presence active is far from being an easy task. Sure, hours of slogging on blog themes, fonts, layout templates and many more hours on blogging tools to optimize posts might pay off in a far-fetched long run. Chat bots make these routines of hard work overtly redundant.

For starters, machine programmed chatbots are extremely easy to setup, manage and train. All you have to do is feed in your content in the form of questions and answers, and a platform just like bottr will take care of the rest.

Secondly, chat bots can execute automated functions. Simply put what this means is your conversational avatar is capable of performing a ton of operations on your behalf—from responding to comments, sharing posts, giving valuable programmed feedback to initiating key actions.


2.Your chat bot: Your voice

As of today, while on one hand there is no dearth of well-crafted blogs, on the other it is that much harder to meet audience benchmarks. Today, getting your voice heard and remembered is tedious to say the least, especially if you’re relying on your blog to do the job for you.

Unlike blogs however, chatbots are fresh. Chatbots are unique, distinctive and most importantly they are not easy to forget.


Chat Bot in action

Think in the shoes of your blog visitors: If you were them, would you remember just another content or visual rich blog? Or a super-cool blog-cum-chatbot that pulls up relevant content when asked–all with flair.


3.Personalize with Personality

When someone is visiting your blog, chances are they don’t care about 90% of your content and are looking for something specific. Instead of bombarding visitors with  post suggestions and irrelevant  recommendations, your chat bot would directly ask them what they want to see and show them exactly that.

For the first time, as a blogger you can deliver truly customized experiences to your visitors by engaging them in conversation and storing relevant information about each visitor all in one place– your Chatbot.

Yes, conventional blogging tools and hacks try and create excellent user experiences. While they might have come quite a long way in the process, chatbots have human-like personalities that prioritize user-friendliness over everything else.


Chat Bots in action:

Bots are here and they’re here to stay. They are fun, user-friendly, engage visitors and reduce bounce rates significantly. Fast movers like TechCrunch, Sephora and Weibo have already dived into the chat bot space with respect to blogging. However, it remains comparatively new, which is why now is when you should get a chatbot instead of an account on a blogging platform.

We’ve seen some awesome bloggers, vloggers, YouTube celebrities, tech enthusiasts, fashionistas, sport fanatics, dedicated professionals all return to our platform to feed more and more content into their bots. There’s the recognized and trusted, Budget Fashion Bot who gives her followers tips on clothes, make-up, accessories and talks about industry trends-whenever asked.


Then there’s Harsh Agarwal, Founder of ShoutMeLoud, his personal chatbot gives visitors incredible insight into the world of digital marketing, guiding them through the best practices, answering all their queries while bonding and networking all at the same time.


Here at Bottr, we believe chat bots are a charm. When it comes to engaging blog visitors and having one-on-one conversations with them, bots pull out what we like to call the perfect mix of content and conversation. Chat bots by default care about your visitors and followers as much as you do.

Go ahead and test it out for yourself, create your Chatbot here.