What steps have you taken to increase engagement on your WordPress site?

With the changing face of how we digest content, visitor engagement has come to form the backbone of any successful blog.

Today, 55% users spend less than 15 seconds on a website, which means you’ve got exactly that much time to attract, form an impression and build a lasting blogger-reader relationship.

If you’re going to expect your visitors to invest time and money on your site, it’s only fair that you resolve their doubts and queries in REAL-TIME.

So how do you do this? How do you make their experience on our WordPress website a personalized and smooth-flowing one ?

Say hello to the best chat plugins for WordPress sites.

All live chat plugins included in the list offer at least one free plan.

1. Zendesk Live Chat


An award-winning one-stop solution for audience engagement, Zopim now Zendesk Chat is one of the most popular live chat plugins available on WordPress and with good reason.

With an easy to install chat widget which appears on the bottom right corner of your web pages, Zendesk Chat allows you and your support team to monitor and chat with users on your website via one comprehensive dashboard.

  • Engagement Score: 3/5

Zendesk_Chat_Plugin_WordPressSay, you’re a WordPress site owner  and you want to redirect your reader, promote new line of products or help them out when they’re stuck, you or your customer support team can start talking to them and sharing files with the Zendesk live chat plugin. Definitely useful in any businesses’ overall engagement strategy.
Nonetheless, using Zendesk can be a little more complicated than using any other live chat tool — due to the very many functionalities and settings cluttered into one interface.

  • Cost and Savings Score: 3/5

Although a great plugin to resolve visitor issues, when it comes to saving time Zendesk does not help much. It requires you or your hired staff to constantly monitor your site visitors, allocate incoming chats to active agents and personally communicate with them— this can often turn out to be tedious,expensive and highly time-consuming.

As for pricing, Zendesk chat offers a Free plan with limited features and 3 other plans priced differently to meet the varied needs of businesses.  The Advanced plan which costs $ 20/agent/month is a good balance between feature and value.

  • Monetization Score: 4/5

As you can monitor activity with Zendesk Chat, targeting visitors who’re browsing product pages is fairly simple. Assisting them in purchasing products, cross-selling and up-selling is simpler still.

  • Gold for: Large Businesses, Medium Businesses with adequate support staff

2.Chat Bot by Bottr

A complete, unique and automated WordPress plugin, Chat Bot enables businesses and individuals to automate conversations with their site visitors. A powerful engagement, personal branding, content sharing and social tool, Chat Bot lets you insert your personal bot widget into your WordPress site in just a few clicks!



By far the most efficient out of the lot in terms of effort required vs usefulness, Chat Bot acts like your digital twin – learns by simply talking to you and allows you to feed in information in a straightforward Q&A format. All you have to do is enter answers to frequently asked questions or share content/views/products of your liking with your Chat Bot and it will remember your responses and answer on your behalf whenever asked.

Capturing site visitors with engaging conversations, content suggestions and a bit of personality has never been easier.

  • Engagement Score: 4.5/5

Call it your personal virtual assistant if you will, Chat Bot is a charmer when it comes to engaging audiences. Your readers, fans and followers can just as easily get their queries answered or discover amazing content by asking your bot widget. Automated interactions served in the form of rich, interactive shareable micro cards work very well as engagement hacks.

The only tool that doesn’t force users to enter personal information before starting a chat, treats your visitors and readers and not just prospects.

  • Cost and Savings Score: 5/5

Arguably, the most useful when it comes to saving time and money with a plugin. I mean, what could do be better than having a chatbot who learns about you, your view, can mimic you with flair and converse with your readers while you sit back and relax. Sounds unreal? Well, with Chat Bot it’s not. All you have to do is train it once (by just chatting to it) and it will be your money-and-time saver, forever.

  • Monetization Score: 4/5

Chat Bot helps you to showcase your products in an attractive format and sell to anyone in a 1-on-1 conversation. Influencing buyer decisions is as straightforward as it can get- add as many content cards displaying product features, images, direct URL, etc.

  • Gold for: Influencers, Professional Bloggers, Evangelists, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Graphic and Web Designers

3. Tawk.to


“You shouldn’t have to pay to chat with the visitors on your own website. They’re your visitors!” says Robert D’Assisi, Founder of Tawk.to, another handy live chat plugin for businesses working on tight budgets. A feature-rich and free live chat plugin for WordPress sites, Tawk.to connects site owners to visitors on their website via a desktop chat app or a simple Android or iOS app.

  • Engagement Score:3.5/5

Tawk.to allows WP website owners to connect unlimited agents who in turn can hold unlimited chats with your site visitors for free. Plus an efficient desktop and mobile app, and an even more efficient dashboard gives easy access to chats and makes engaging visitors considerably easier.

  • Cost and Savings Score: 4/5

A key edge for Tawk.to over other competitors lies majorly in its pricing strategy.With an extensive set of features all included in one FREE plan(no upgrades, no premiums) Tawk.to is one of the most favorite go-to chat plugin in the WordPress library.

  • Monetization Score: 2.5/5

Primarily a chat app, Tawk. to has very little scope for monetization. It basically permits you to copy paste page links into chat to push your visitor to visit the page and MAYBE make a purchase, but that’s about it. Does not allow users to share products in an appealing manner.

  • Gold for: Small businesses, Startups on a budget

4. Tidio Live Chat


Touted as one of the best free live chat plugins for WordPress, Tidio Live Chat allows you and your customer support team to provide real-time assistance to your site visitors. Once the online live chat plugin is installed and activated, you’ll be able to see a list of present visitors after which you can start chatting with whoever you pick.

  • Engagement Score: 3/5

Shows active visitors and the page they’re on in a list form and allows you to not only chat but also share with them, images, GIFs, pdfs, etc. Puts Tidio in the running for a handy engagement plugin.

Having said that, with Tidio visitors are compelled to enter their contact information before starting a chat with you or your support team members – might be a nifty lead generation technique but does not sit well with modern day browsers who hate spam!

  • Cost and Savings Score: 3.5/5

Have to give it to Tidio for providing access to messages from website, Facebook and email all-in-one dashboard— definitely a time saver.

  • Monetization Score: 4/5

As is the case with Zendesk Chat, the Tidio plugin allows behavior based targeting. Simply put, you can target specific visitors looking to purchase something based on their activity and prompt them further to buy something. Up-selling and cross-selling becomes a smooth sail from there.

  • Gold for: Small Business, Startups, E-commerce Influencers

5. Wise Chat

Designed to help build social circles and pump up visitor engagement on any WordPress website or blog, the Wise Chat plugin lets site visitors interact with each other in a chat room like environment. This WordPress chat room plugin goes a mile further to optimize and personalize every site visitors journey by giving them a sense of community.


  • Engagement Score: 4/5

When it comes to being an excellent engagement plugin for WordPress, Wise Chat fits the bill to the T. It lets your site readers to network with each other and connect over discussion threads, exchange files, react with basic emoticons and change their names on chat boxes, while you as a site owner can choose to solely act as a moderator or participate in chats yourself. Besides, Wise Chat lets site visitors old or new to chat anonymously or enter custom names which the plugin recognizes.  

  • Cost and Savings Score: 4/5

When your visitors start engaging themselves with little or no assistance from you, what more could you possible want? Saving time and money is given consequence.

Besides, with Wise Chat as users connect with each other, you don’t need to actively monitor every conversation. As a result, you don’t need to hire a full-fledged customer support team either, whatever be may the size of your business.

  • Monetization Score: 4/5

In contrast  to other live chat plugins, making money with the Wise Chat is definitely less complex. As an user with the tool installed, you can market, sell, upsell, cross-sell your products skillfully in smooth flowing conversations by sharing product images,videos, URLs that direct them to targeted landing pages – you name it.

  • Gold for: Businesses of all sizes which need to be thought leaders in their niche.

To conclude:

Choosing a chat plugin should be comparatively easier for you, now that you have an idea of the best free chat plugins available in the WordPress plugin library.

While comment sections, discussion threads and contact forms like Disqus, JetPack and Contact 7 might have worked like a charm in the past and helped more than a million businesses and still do, but by no means are they enough now. Today, blog visitors are harder to please and that much harder to engage, and can you even blame them?

Browsing the internet has come to be an impersonal affair, adding bits and pieces of personalisation to your blog could be a game-changer and take your WordPress blog to the next level.