Un-chain yourself – building simple, rewarding and sovereign world for everyone through a smart socio-economic operating system.

“Change is difficult not changing is fatal” — William Pollard If you’re reading this you must have a rebel inside you – a burning desire to free yourself from the mundane, complex and archaic way of living. A lifestyle in which you’re tied… Continue Reading →

Don’t Miss Out: 6 Most Popular Celebrity Chatbots for Fans to Talk to

Fans are always looking for ways to talk to the celebrities they look up to. First there were talk shows with dedicated Q&A segments, then came Facebook fan pages and Twitter, Instagram and AMA sessions soon followed suit and now,… Continue Reading →

Live Chat Services are Dying, Why Chatbots will Save the Day

When was the last time you spoke to a live chat which was actually live, responded instantly and did not ask for your email id to get back to you ‘shortly’? You know what I’m talking about but who’s to… Continue Reading →

How Chatbots are Saving Time, Reducing Effort and Making Money for Influencers and Bloggers

Do you often rely on Google Home to send those pending messages for you? Or does Siri decide your dinner and dessert after?

Top 5 Free Chat Plugins to Boost Audience Engagement on Your WordPress Site

  What steps have you taken to increase engagement on your WordPress site? With the changing face of how we digest content, visitor engagement has come to form the backbone of any successful blog.

Bottr.me Chatbot: How To Use, Create and Train Your Own Bot

A complete guide to getting started with building and using personal chat bots on Bottr.

Chat Bots: Best Engagement Tool for Influencers and Bloggers

In a sea of authority influencers, how do you build genuine, lasting relationships with your followers and brands?

Chat Bots vs Blogger Tools: What do Bots mean for Traditional Blogging?

How do you actually ace in the over-exhausted blogging space without breaking a sweat?

Why Chat Bots will Replace Traditional Resume and Online Profile

It’s that time again – you’re job hunting. You’re looking for something bigger, better, and more exciting. You want to move up the ladder, and you want to make sure the world knows what you’ve been up to so that… Continue Reading →

Make Your FAQs and AMAs More Powerful With A Chat Bot Identity

Are you a person or business providing any sort of service? Then I’m sure you know the value of a good relationship with your customers and clients. So, how do you create honest user engagement? How do you go about… Continue Reading →

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