Chatbot Use Cases – 100 Cool Ways To Use Bots


The world is changing. We live in the future and, sometimes, we don’t even know it. We use tiny handheld devices to help us with everything – from setting alarms to talking to people face-to-face – sometimes when they’re oceans away! That little screen is our link to everything right now, and it’s incredible that in just a few short years, we’ve become inseparable from our devices – whether it’s a smartphone, a laptop or even a digital book.

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Simplifying the way world works!

Our lives suck and we know it. In a world full of noise and chaos, we’re constantly running around stressed to get things done. From checking various social feeds to replying to that important message to placing an order for dinner to finding a logo designer to buying a new dress to consulting a maths teacher for an assignment.

World’s full of cluttered services, information and experiences making it excruciatingly painful and inefficient to get what you want, when you want and how you want. Every task or action is full of various decision trees creating anxiety and inefficiency at each step.

The internet & smartphone revolution has given us incredible powers but it has undoubtedly made our lives more complex as we navigate through the endless landscape of interconnected dots on the web.

This has to fundamentally change – or more specifically simplified.

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